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Immigrant Rights

Ways to Take Action

Volunteer to Support Immigrant Families

  • As community institutions re-open from COVID closures, we will need volunteers to accompany immigrants to court and to appointments. Even under COVID restrictions, we need Spanish-fluent volunteers to help immigrants navigate online systems. And we may soon prepare to accommodate an influx of unaccompanied youth from the southern border with hospitality and legal/accompaniment support. Contact the WA Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) or the Jewish Coalition for Immigrant Justice Northwest (JCIJ-NW).
  • Fluent Spanish speakers are sought for the WAISN (Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network) Case Management Team and for the hotline. Training is provided for each. Contact WAISN or Jewish Coalition for Immigrant Justice NW.
  • Washington Immigrant Defense Network WIDEN trains volunteer attorneys to represent clients on immigration defense matters.
  • Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) provides attorneys to represent children at no cost.. No immigration experience is necessary. KIND’s team trains and mentors volunteer attorneys through the completion of their cases. They provide wraparound supports for their clients as well.   

Advocate for Just, Humane State and Federal Policies on Immigration

  • Raise the level of activism for immigrant justice within the Jewish community. Using the Roadmap for Freedom as a strategic framework, we’ll plan and carry out educational, endorsement and visibility campaigns. Learn more about how to endorse the Roadmap to Freedom here. If you’d like to participate in our Roadmap campaigns or have questions, please contact the Jewish Coalition for Immigrant Justice NW.
  • Contact your state and Federal lawmakers here.
  • Sign up for JCIJ-NW legislative action alerts.

Support Impacted Communities’ Organizing Campaigns

  • Support campaigns for shutting down the NW Detention Center and advocating for the right of immigrants to be treated with dignity and humanity. Learn more about La Resistencia at

Donate to Mobilize Resources

  • Donate to the Fair Fight Immigrant Bond Fund, which provides bond money for low-income immigrants, detained at the Northwest ICE Processing Center in Tacoma. People bonded out of detention are much likelier to prevail in their asylum claims.
  • Donate to HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which protects refugees forced to flee their homelands because of who they are, including people marginalized because of their ethnic, religious, or sexual orientation . Locally, Jewish Family Services,, represents HIAS to assist with local resettlement of refugees.
  • Donate to WAISN, the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network. WAISN is a statewide coalition, coordinating immigrant justice campaigns and support services, including distribution of the WA Immigrant Relief Fund.
  • Donate to NW Immigrant Rights Project, defending immigrants’ legal rights.
  • Donate to Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, providing low-bono legal services and working to build community leadership and power for migrant justice through legal advocacy and education.
  • Donate to Casa Latina, which advances the power and wellbeing of Latinx immigrants through employment, education and community organizing.
  • Donate to Asian Counseling and Referral Service, which promotes the wellbeing of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and immigrants and refugees through community-based services.
  • Donate to the Church Council of Greater Seattle, which coordinates the ecumenical community’s supports and accompaniment for immigrants as they defend their rights.
  • Donate to Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS), which provides housing, job support and community connections for refugees.
  • Donate supplies to AIDNW, which hosts a trailer outside the NW ICE Processing Center. Newly released immigrants go there to pick up personal supplies (like backpacks and toiletries), call relatives and locate housing and transportation.
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