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Our Temple community values diversity, welcoming interfaith families, singles, couples, single and two parent families, young adults, seniors, LGBTQIA, and multiracial families


There are a few easy ways to get more information:

Temple B'nai Torah is a place to...

Find your unique Jewish voice:

All kinds of Jews and all kinds of families find their place in our community. Some had a traditional Jewish upbringing –from Reform to Orthodox, others were “just Jewish,” and many found their way to our Temple from other faiths.

Express yourself Jewishly:

Whether you experience your spiritual side through art, food, prayer, music, study or social action, you will find your own way to be Jewish at TBT.

Repair the World:

Be part of an enthusiastic social action community that strives to do Tikkun Olam on a variety of paths: building bridges to other faith communities, helping the homeless & feeding the hungry, advocating for policy that fits Reform Jewish values, and more.

Do a Mitzvah:

Join our Mitzvah Corps to be there when a congregant is in mourning, needs a ride to Temple, a meal after surgery or a friendly chat from our caring community.

Be Who You Are:

Temple B’nai Torah welcomes all Jews regardless of color, gender, orientation, age, ability, disability, religious upbringing or economic standing.

Grow and Learn:

Jewish lifelong learning takes place at every age and every stage, from Tot Shabbat to B’nai Mitzvah and beyond, with guest lectures, Religious School, and weekly Torah study. Our learning programs are creative, engaging, meaningful, and fun.

Be at Home:

Find your new Jewish family among people who share your interests such as sports, cooking and theater. Temple B’nai Torah strives to be a caring place where everyone feels known and valued.

Congregational Financial Commitments

Congregational financial commitments are a personal matter. We feel it is important to engage members and potential members in a conversation about the importance of covenantal giving. Each person and family are unique, and as such, each commitment is personal and unique. To discuss what this looks like for you and your family, please schedule an appointment with Howard Wasserteil, our Director of Administration, at [email protected].