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Time, talent or treasure:

What will you offer to lift up your community?


Donate to TBT!

The Jewish community survives because of our religious value of tzedakah, righteous giving. Every Jew is commanded to support their community in many different ways, but without generous financial contributions from people like you, we could not continue our sacred work. At TBT, membership pledges only make up 50% of our budget. We depend on tzedakah to allow us to provide for our community, grow and serve future generations. Even small donations can have a huge impact when everyone regularly heeds the call of righteous giving. Please donate today. 


In addition to Jewish giving, TBT depends on a diverse group of wonderful and invaluable volunteers. Working hand-in-hand with our small but mighty professional staff, volunteers at TBT co-create all aspects of Jewish life at TBT. If you would like information on volunteering please contact us or click the button below: 


Another great way to contribute to the work of TBT is by transforming your daily activities and shopping habits into mitzvot. You can do this by shopping for Judaica at our Sisterhood gift shop.



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