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Kashrut Policy

The following food is to be avoided on TBT grounds and at official Temple-wide program events at other locations:

  • - Combination of milk and meat ingredients in the same dish
  • - Pork products of any kind
  • - Shellfish

For off-site functions where an owner-operator maintains a more strict Kashrut policy, that policy will be observed.

For off-site functions sponsored by Temple which provide communal food service, the above policy shall apply except within private homes.

For events within private homes, notice shall be given in advance as to whether the policy will be followed, and if not, efforts should be made to accommodate anyone who asks within a reasonable period that provision be made so that he/she may observe these guidelines.

The above policy shall not apply to off-site functions sponsored by Temple organizations at which commercially prepared food is ordered individually, but efforts will be made to accommodate anyone who wishes to observe these guidelines.

Approved by the Temple B’nai Torah Board of Directors, August 6, 1997

Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784