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Our Temple community is diverse and has many interfaith families, singles, couples, young adults, seniors, LGBTQ+, people of color, Jews by Choice and those who are differently-abled. We know, no matter your background, you will feel at home with your TBT family and add to the rich diversity of our community.


For more information about membership, call our office at (425) 603-9677.
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Congregational Financial Commitments

Congregational financial commitments are a personal matter. We feel it is important to engage members and potential members in a conversation about the importance of covenantal giving. Each person and family are unique, and as such, each commitment is personal and unique. To discuss what this looks like for you and your family, please contact our office at (425) 603-9677.


Membership Dues Information

We want everyone to feel welcome to membership here at TBT. We recognize that each person has a unique financial situation and that some are able to contribute more than others.

We want to embrace an inclusive system that invokes the spirit of Fair Share (pledge based on age and household) while creating reasonable expectations to guide people in their membership pledges.

The following targets are based upon the number of adults and life stage of the family and are annual amounts. To determine a monthly payment (10 payments from July-April), please divide these numbers by 10:

Ages   1 Adult 2 Adult
18-30   $150 $300
30-35   $375 $750
35-70   $1375 $2750
70+   $950 $1900


If you are unable to cover these membership dues, please don't let that be a barrier to joining! We are more interested in you finding your place with us and contributing what you can than having you miss out on all the benefits of membership because of your financial situation. If you're worried about the finances, please contact us so we can find the right financial fit for you (and your family).


A deposit of $125 plus a $3.95 processing fee is required for those making payment arrangements (either semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly).

Those paying their full annual pledge amount online today will have their processing fee waived.


Household Information:

The following information is collected for Temple usage only. We do not share or otherwise distribute your personal information without your permission. We may ask to include your contact information in our member directory; however, you may opt-out of that at any time, and that information will be secured via an encrypted members-only portal.


Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783