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03/01/2023 10:48:01 AM


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Update from tBT president

03/01/2023 10:46:50 AM


Nicky Walker

As we conclude February, I can report that it has been a busy time at Temple – both with community
events and board activity. We have had new programming this year, including the well attended
Shabbat Shirah Friday night song session and potluck dinner (with another coming up this Friday!). The
Better Together program for teens and empty nesters continues to be successful with
monthly gatherings. Also, I hope many of...


02/22/2023 02:47:53 PM


Elliot Paull, Temple Treasurer

In our continued efforts to highlight Temple committee work, I am pleased to share the activities of the Finance Committee. This may not sound exciting to you, but the Finance Committee plays a pivotal role as the custodians of the Temple’s money. Nearly every aspect of Temple life involves money: More than 95% of our revenues comes from members, while close to 60% of expenses are personnel related.

Each Spring, the committee works...

Using my voice for good

02/02/2023 03:34:18 PM


Lucy Braginski

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. with four other teens from TBT to participate in the L’Taken seminar, a program led by the Religious Action Center, which teaches social justice through a reform Jewish lens. We met at a hotel with over 300 other teens from across the US. Over the weekend, we went to sessions on gun violence prevention, reproductive rights, Israel, migration, and more. We heard...Read more...

News From TBT Sisterhood

12/13/2022 04:34:05 PM


Robin Plotnik

Sisterhood is our temple’s auxiliary whose mission is to build connections between those who identify as women at TBT to each other and, in turn, the Temple, our community and the world-at-large, as part of Women of Reform Judaism. We have a very exciting way to build those connections coming up in the spring and we invite you all to participate!

Register here for In-Person or Virtual:...

News From The TBT Green Team

11/15/2022 03:56:29 PM


Robin Plotnik

Our TBT Green Team has been reinvigorated in the last two years and currently has 9 regular members – anyone is welcome to join. This year’s plans for the TBT Green Team include Working toward Earth Ministry/WAIPL Greening Congregation certification, Recommitting to our Composting and Recycling efforts, Hosting an...Read more...

11/15/2022 03:47:26 PM


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Music at TBT

11/02/2022 02:27:45 PM


Josh Niehaus

In my short time as TBT's Music Director, it has become abundantly clear that music is an integral part of the culture here. One of the first things a person sees as they enter the building is a larger-than-life painting of Rabbi Emeritus Jim Mirel holding his stand-up bass. And if you attended our Simchat Torah event last month, you heard Rabbi Mirel "slap the bass" and rock the social hall with his...Read more...

Development Committee is Planning a  Party Palooza for our Spring Fundraiser Mark you Calendars for March 18, 2023!

10/19/2022 03:32:23 PM


Solomon Karmel

Hello, I am Solomon Karmel, chairperson of the Temple B’nai Torah Development Committee. I’ve been a member of TBT for about five years and started serving on committees and donating to TBT about three years ago. I particularly enjoy lay-led Torah studies on Saturday morning,...Read more...

Bellevue Adopts a New Definition for Anti - Semitism

10/04/2022 04:04:30 PM


Rabbi Molly

When I was working in the Bay Area, one of my most surprising days came when I received a phone call from the local middle school principal. There had been some anti-semitic incidents at the school, both verbal comments and graffiti found on school property. A group of about eight kids who were involved were caught and their punishment was to spend a day with me (I still laugh that I’m a form of punishment).



Green Team Update

09/14/2022 05:25:41 PM


Jeff Finn

Consistent with Reform Judaism's tradition of social action through personal action, TBT's Green Team is creating an educational program for TBT families. The program's goal is to promote shalom and achieve a level of world-wide tikkun olam. The program hopes to motivate TBT members to consider acquiring an...Read more...

Ready for Take-Off

09/07/2022 05:43:08 PM


Rabbi Sydney Danziger

When I was twelve, I took my very first airplane ride with my sister and grandfather to visit my aunt and uncle who had just moved to New Jersey. I was so excited for take-off; to feel myself lifted into the clouds and look down on the tiny houses and people...Read more...

Esther and the Hidden Story of Purim

03/10/2022 02:04:23 PM


Josh Niehaus

Every year, Jews all around the world come together to hear the reading of the Megillah of Esther. Children and parents alike dress up in costumes and listen to the amazing story of how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Shushan from an evil plot by a mean man named Haman (booooo). The story is...Read more...

03/10/2022 01:59:06 PM


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