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While often “contributions” to Temple are considered in light of our finances, sometimes our gifts of Time or Talent can be even more valuable to sustaining and maintaining our strength as a community. Temple B’nai Torah offers many ways for its members to volunteer at the temple, in service to our members, and in the community. The act of giving is a way of Jewish life and everyone has something to give.

Mitzvah Corps

Our caring community, the Mitzvah Corps, helps members who need assistance – from a ride to the doctor to a meal when they are recovering from surgery to caring for someone during a challenging time. Please consider offering your time to TBT’s Mitzvah Corps – you will be glad you did.

Donate your expertise to TBT

We all have time and skills to offer our community – be it some technical skill (computer programming/networking, accounting) or an organizational skill (event planning, fundraising) or simply the ability to give an hour to stuff envelopes. Like any non-profit, Temple B’nai Torah needs your contribution of time and effort to ensure the best service to the temple community. Consider giving your time and expertise to TBT – contact our office to explore the possibilities.

Volunteer to improve the Community
TBT’s Social Action program has a number of efforts underway to help those in need, improve the environment, and strengthen religious understanding and cooperation. Explore the Social Action program and see how your can help repair the world.

Contribute your Leadership to TBT

Every member of Temple B’nai Torah has a stake in how TBT is managed, the programs we offer, and how we serve the community. We have a number of committees, open to all members, which support our Board of Directors in everything from administration, human resources, and finance to communications, fundraising, and education. Consider becoming involved in our leadership committees and help our synagogue successfully serve our community.