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Mitzvah Corps Needs You!

Mitzvah Corps of Temple B’nai Torah is an all-volunteer group made up of fabulous folks from the Temple community! We help our fellow members and their families in all sorts of wonderful ways. We may visit a home-bound senior or pick up groceries for an ailing member. We might call a member who is recovering from surgery or drive someone to services. We sometimes even provide a couple of hours of childcare for a family in need. Some of us have driven a TBT member to a medical appointment because they were not well enough to drive themselves. There are all kinds of ways to help out, and you can give a little or give a lot. It’s up to you. A little help can make a big difference in someone’s life. Furthermore, if you need help yourself, be sure to call us so we can connect you with the help you need.

Contact Abby Wagman or Robin Negrin at mitzvahcorps@templebnaitorah.org or phone the Temple office, (425) 603-9677

Becoming a member of Temple B’nai Torah has brought a brand new experience to my life — I actually enjoy coming to services and the acceptance by this congregation is unbelievable. Most recently I had hand surgery. For three nights three lovely ladies of your “Mitzvah Corps” brought me dinner. Not only was the food delicious and the presentation lovely . . . the warmth and friendliness of these ladies just made me feel special. I truly feel I have entered a wonderful “new” life. Thanks to everyone who has made this new life so wonderful! ~ Rose Schwartz, after her experience with TBT’s Mitzvah Corps