Tent City 4

Tent City 4 at High Point

206-618-3901 (cell, answered 24/7)

44 residents as of 9/26 

Photo by Daya Astor as part of the "This is My Home" art exhibit at TBTUpdate: 11/21/2016

Remember Tent City on Your Chanukah Shopping List

While you do your holiday shopping for friends and family, please remember our friends from Tent City 4, who could use some gifts this holiday season as well. You can drop items off in the temple office or bring them to the camp along with a hot meal.

Critical Needs:

  • Gas cards from Arco for generator
  • 10w40 motor oil for generator
  • Kerosene for heater
  • Clean blankets
  • Bottled water
  • Hot dinners (go to www.sharewheel.org to sign up on the calendar)
  • 33 gallon trash bags
  • Batteries: AAA, C and D sizes
  • Zip ties (cable ties) 8" or longer
  • 10-foot-by-10-foot tents
  • Gift cards for Staples for office supplies
  • Hand warmers
  • Hand sanitizer

For more information, please contact Social Action chair Donna Blankinship, [email protected]

After a very successful two-month stay, our friends from Tent City 4 moved on to High Point in Issaquah on September 25, 2016. Dozens of volunteers made their visit possible and worthwhile, from friendly and delicious meals to social services that clearly made a difference. During their stay at Temple B'nai Torah, nine residents of Tent City moved into permanent housing, including a couple who gave birth to their first child after moving into an apartment. Others started along that path during meetings with counselors from Congregations for the Homeless. Please consider continuing to offer help to the people of Tent City 4 by stopping by their temporary location just off Interstate 90 with some ice, a meal and a friendly smile. The camp will stay there until a new host congregation is found. Feel free to visit our neighbors at their new home!


Visitors are always welcome. From Issaquah, drive east on I-90 and get off at High Point (exit 20). Take the first right (on 270th Ave SE), and then take an immediate left (on SE 79th St). You will see the camp just beyond a gate. Park on the side of the road or pull up to the gate if you have things to unload. Introduce yourself to the residents staffing the desk at the camp entrance.

Current needs:

Host congregation: This is what the camp needs most. If you know an Eastside congregation that might be able to host Tent City in the near or distant future, please call the camp!

Friendly faces: Don’t feel obligated to bring anything when you visit the camp. Just stopping by for a chat keeps spirits high and lets the residents know that the community supports them at their new site.

Dinner: If you would like to bring dinner to Tent City one night, call the camp for details and to sign up. You can find a meal calendar at http://www.sharewheel.org/tent-city-4. If you’ve never served dinner at the camp and you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Kelly Fine (who coordinated meals at Temple B’nai Torah): [email protected].

Food, water, and ice donations: If you would like to bring food for the camp’s pantry or coolers, please call the camp first to see what is needed. Ice for the coolers is often needed, as is drinking water; call to check. There is no fridge or running water at High Point. The camp has an electric burner and a microwave for foods that require cooking.

Supplies: The camp’s needs change all the time. Please call to ask what is needed. As of this writing (9/26), the camp needs blankets, AAA, AA, and D batteries, and flashlights. 

Generator gas: The camp usually needs generator gas. Prepaid gas cards are welcome (ARCO is best).

Washers & dryers: The camp is looking for access to large washers and dryers to wash bedding and clothes.

Thank you for your support!


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