Religious School FAQ

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Where do I register my child for Religious School?

You can either follow the link on the left-hand side of your screen, or click here to be directed to our online login for MM on the Web.

At what age does my child have to start attending Hebrew classes during the week?

Families with students in Grades 4-6 are required to register and attend a weekday Hebrew session (Tuesday or Wednesday). We ask you choose the best date for you and understand that there may be some switching as the year progresses depending on family schedules. When registering, you will be given a drop-down menu with two options: Sunday/Tuesday or Sunday/Wednesday. If you cannot attend a weekday, please choose one anyway and contact Debra Siroka at [email protected]

How do I qualify for the $100 discount?

Families who complete registration before July 15 will receive a $100 per child discount, unless they are registering for Confirmation only. In addition, families who join TBT as new members before August 15 will also receive a $100 per child discount.

Do I need to be a member to enroll my student in Religious School?

Families with their eldest child in 2nd grade or younger do not need to be members of TBT to enroll in Religious School. There is a non-member tuition rate and non-members do not receive the early registration discount. To register as a non-member please contact Jessica Paige at [email protected]. For all other ages, family membership is required for all religious school students.

My child is in 10th grade - why am I being asked to enroll in two separate classes for them?

If you have a child entering 10th grade please note that Confirmation and Mosaic (our teen program) are separate classes and have separate tuitions. We encourage all 10th graders to participate in both Mosaic and Confirmation. Confirmation consists of weekly classes and participation in the Confirmation service on Erev Shavuot (check HebCal for this year's date) at 7pm. Mosaic is a multi-denominational teen group that provides a unique opportunity for students to learn more about their Jewish identity, connect with other students from different Jewish backgrounds, and the incorporation of personal interests with Jewish living and learning. Mosaic is held twice a month on Sundays from 12-2 PM and includes lunch.

My child has special needs, dietary restrictions, or a medical condition - what should I do?

There is space on the registration form to describe any special needs, dietary restrictions, or medical conditions your child may have. We urge you to give the school as much information as possible so that we may better serve your child.

What is the Religious School policy on photos?

We often take photos of classes, programs, or events at Religious School and use them in TBT’s publications on the web or in print. If you DO NOT want your child/children’s photographs to appear on the web or in print please send an email to Jessica Paige at [email protected] stating you DO NOT give permission for TBT to use your child/children’s photos.