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A Message from Rabbi Molly

I’m excited to share that our Religious School registration is officially open for the 2020-2021 school year!

Life is tough right now, so we made a simple form that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete. Click here to get started!

We have new family-friendly pricing for our Religious School programs. Our new fee is $500 for the first child and $250 for each additional child, regardless of their ages. If you haven’t heard yet, our Religious School programs will meet virtually this year, at least for the fall. 

For families that are thinking, “ugh, another Zoom thing,” I understand. Trust me, I do (#workingfromhomewithkids). But I also firmly believe that Jewish education may be more important now than it has ever been. Not only will we be teaching Hebrew and what the holidays are all about, we’ll be focusing more on what it means to “do Jewish” at home. And what’s behind all those rituals and traditions is even more important. We teach our kids Jewish values. We teach our kids how Shabbat helps us mark time and maintain healthy boundaries with all the things that keep us busy, an important ritual for when the days all blend together. We teach our kids how to be empathetic and resilient. We teach our kids in a safe and nurturing space through Torah Play and t’filah (prayer) and chuggim (electives) and more, what it means to have spiritual audacity, to navigate this world with your moral compass, and to have the courage to pursue justice for all. Because that’s what Judaism is all about: getting inspired to ask questions, seeking answers and turning our knowledge into actions that help heal the broken pieces of our world.  

Will this year be on Zoom? Yes, at least for the fall. Is Zoom fatigue a real thing? Sure is. But can Religious School still be engaging when it’s virtual? You bet it can! No, it’s not the same as meeting in person, but we’re still excited to try new things and stay focused on what’s always been at the core of TBT: building an inclusive community, engaging learners of all ages, and pursuing justice for all. We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure! 

-Rabbi Molly