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Make an Annual Membership Pledge!

So You've "Found Your People"...

This year, we invited you to “find your people” here at Temple B’nai Torah. As we’ve been experimenting together in TefiLab, reimagining High Holidays, and dreaming of ways to strengthen and grow our community, perhaps you felt a resonance in your own spirit – welcoming you, and inviting you to deepen your commitment to community.


Becoming a Member is the best next step for you…

An important part of becoming a member of our community entails making a financial commitment to the congregation.*

  • By making a membership pledge, you are agreeing to share, along with every other member of the Temple community, in the support of our ongoing activities and programs 
  • Through your pledge, you help make it possible for families and individuals with fewer financial resources to also participate fully in Temple membership
  • Your pledge shows that Temple B’nai Torah and your own Jewish journey constitute important priorities in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Temple B’nai Torah embraces a modified system that invokes the spirit of Fair Share (pledge is based on income) while creating reasonable “targets” to guide membership pledges. The following targets are based upon the number of adults and life stage of the family:

In the table below, first look at your age bracket on the left, then to the number of adults** in the household on the right. The amount listed is for your annual contribution. (Divide by 12 to determine an estimated monthly cost.)

Age Brackets 1 adult 2 adults
Under 30 $125 $250
30-35 $250 $500
35-70 $1250 $2500
70 & over $875 $1750

**please note that religious school and activities for children & youth are typically charged independently of membership; however, participation is often either conditional upon membership or discounted for members.

Members with the means to exceed these amounts are encouraged to give beyond the target. In our sacred community, we all share responsibility for our fellow congregants. Those who have more are asked to give more, to ensure we are able to welcome those who have less. We have four (4) Circles of Giving for those who are able to pledge a higher amount. We urge you to make a commitment to give at one of these higher levels.

Temple B’nai Torah’s Circles of Giving:

Torah Circle $18,000 +
Sage Circle $12,000-17,999
Prophet Circle $6000-11,999
Scribe Circle $3600-5999

 Circles of Giving are based on Fiscal Year giving and include all gifts and donations except fees for events and classes.

*We also recognize that not everyone has the financial means at all times to meet the established targets. We will work with all those wanting to be members of our community who have financial hardships that preclude them from meeting the target. Our process ensures strict confidentiality of written requests for adjustments. 
Temple B’nai Torah is here 24/7 for all our members—through happy times and sad. Wherever you are on the spectrum of Jewish learning and practice, no matter what your level of membership pledge may be, the clergy and staff of TBT are present for you, providing a place for you to connect & grow—at your own pace and in your own way. We invite you to join us.

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