Livnot Chai (8th - 12th Grade)

Livnot Chai: Our Community High School


In 8th-12th grade our teens join with other Jewish teens on Seattle’s East Side at Livnot Chai, our multi-denominational community high school. Built upon the belief that Jewish engagement (learning, praying and practice) should touch all parts of our selves simultaneously, students can choose from elective options that incorporate personal interests, social action, and Jewish values.

The mission of Livnot Chai is for participants to undergo a maturation process in the way they experience their Jewish selves.  We work with our students to create an understanding that being Jewish means to live and act with virtue as the centerpiece of their Jewish expression.  A central goal is to demonstrate to our students how to lead more fulfilling lives based on Jewish values and learning.  

Program goals include:

  1. Exposure to a diversity of interpretations of Jewish texts and theology
  2. Critical thinking in order to arrive at fundamental truths inherent in acting Jewishly
  3. Familiarity with the social welfare agencies in our community, learning how they function and how to impact their community through service
  4. Language to unify experience and to express their place in their community as they make the transformation from teenagers to adulthood
  5. Understanding and comfort with primary Jewish texts, familiarity with core concepts of Jewish theology and Jewish history, and ethics

Livnot Chai:  Temple De Hirsch Sinai (Fall) 


6:00-6:30           Dinner
6:30-7:25           1st Hour Electives
7:25-7:35           Break
7:35-8:30           2nd Hour Electives

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