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What is Nisayon?

In our Sunday Religious School program (Grades preK-6) we help students to see the world through a Jewish lens. We also offer ways for parents to participate in their child’s education through family programs and holiday celebrations. Each year is filled with special events that translate Jewish learning into opportunities for Jewish celebration and growth.

Our Pre-K to 3rd graders discover the holidays, symbols and values of Judaism. In addition, they begin learning the alef-bet and basic Hebrew words associated with the holidays and Jewish life. Each Sunday begins with an All-School Family Tefilah (prayer service) and singing.

We seek to excite and entice the young Jewish learner by:

  •         Making Jewish friends
  •         Creating Jewish art and music
  •         Preparing & tasting Jewish foods
  •         Learning Hebrew letters, words, and prayers  
  •         Developing a love of Jewish learning
  •         Beginning to build a strong Jewish identity

The 4th to 6th graders continue the process of Jewish learning through Jewish Studies and Hebrew.

Hebrew: Classes focus on both reading and comprehension of the liturgy for Shabbat and Holy Days.These grades attend mid-week (Tuesday or Wednesday) in a one-room schoolhouse model (with multiple teachers).

Mifgashim: Our 4th-6th graders have the opportunity to choose their Jewish studies class three times over the course of the year. Options have included: Outside Judaism: Judaism and the Environment, Jewish Cooking, If I lived in Israel, Art, Drama, Music, etc. These are mixed-grade classes where participants can focus on their own interests or learn new skills.

Where do I register my child for Religious School?

Nisayon(Religious School) registration is online. Click here to be directed to our online login for MM on the Web.

At what age does my child have to start attending Hebrew classes during the week?

Families with students in Grades 4-6 are required to register and attend a weekday Hebrew session (Tuesday or Wednesday). We ask you choose the best date for you and understand that there may be some switching as the year progresses depending on family schedules. When registering, you will be given a drop-down menu with two options: Sunday/Tuesday or Sunday/Wednesday. 

Do I need to be a member to enroll my student in Religious School?

Families with their eldest child in 2nd grade or younger do not need to be members of TBT to enroll in Religious School. There is a non-member tuition rate and non-members do not receive the early registration discount. To register as a non-member please contact Jessica Paige at jpaige@templebnaitorah.org. For all other ages, family membership is required for all.

My child is in 10th grade – why am I being asked to enroll in two separate classes for them?

If you have a child entering 10th grade please note that Confirmation and Mosaic (our teen program) are separate classes and have separate tuitions. We encourage all 10th graders to participate in both Mosaic (our 8th-12th grade Lunch and Learn Program) and Confirmation. Mosaic is held twice a month on Sundays from 12-2 PM. Confirmation consists of weekly classes and participation in the Confirmation service on Shavuot.

My child has special needs, dietary restrictions, or a medical condition – what should I do?

There is space on the registration form to describe any special needs, dietary restrictions, or medical conditions your child may have. We urge you to give the school as much information as possible so that we may better serve your child. 

What is the Religious School policy on photos?

We often take photos of classes, programs, or events at Religious School and use them in TBT’s publications on the web or in print. If you DO NOT want your child/children’s photographs to appear on the web or in print please send an email to Jessica Paige at jpaige@templebnaitorah.org stating you DO NOT give permission for TBT to use your child/children’s photos.


In order to register your child, you will have to login to your account in MM on the Web (our online portal for members. If you are not currently a member of TBT, please click the “Connect with Us” button above to learn more about membership). In the top right-hand corner of this screen, there is a menu that includes “Member Login”. Click the “Member Login” link in the top right corner. This will direct you to our MM on the Web site.

You will then be prompted to login. Use your regular MM on the Web username and password. If you do not know what this is, please contact the office for assistance.

After logging in, you will see a link for “School Registration Year **” listed in the menu on the right side of the screen. Click this link to open registration.

  1. Select your child’s name to begin, and click “Registration” below the box.
  2. Before you register, you will be asked to enter emergency contact information.
  3. Complete the required forms and click the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Click the drop down box beside the words “Select a Class”
    Options for students in grades 4-6 appear with the grade of the student followed by Sunday (Sun) and a weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday) option. Choose one of the options for each child in grades 4-6. The expectation is that 4-6 graders attend a weekday Hebrew class. If this is not possible, please select one of the options anyway and contact our Director of Lifelong Learning, to discuss possible options.
  6. The total cost of the class will be calculated and will appear in the box.
    For 10th graders there are three options: Mosaic (our teen program) and Confirmation, Confirmation only or Mosaic only. Please choose the option for all of the classes that your child will be attending. Our expectation is that students will participate in both Mosaic and Confirmation, but understand that may not be the best fit for every family.
  7. The required deposit amount will be automatically calculated. This amount must be paid online, via credit card, at the time of registration.
  8. Select the method you wish to use to pay the remaining balance – you may pay the entire balance via credit card or elect for monthly installments.
    If you choose to pay the entire balance, you will need to enter the total cost of class in the “Amount to Pay Now” box.
    You may also pay the balance in installments over 10 months by credit card, beginning July 1.
    You may also pay the balance in installments over 10 months by check, beginning July 1.
  9. After making your selections, click the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  10. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information for the required deposit of $100 per child. If you have a credit card on file with the Temple, you will see the last 4 digits listed, and can select that card. Otherwise, you will be asked to enter a new card. Once everything is complete, you will see a screen that will notify you that you have been successfully registered, and you will receive an email confirming registration.

If you have more than one child, you must repeat this process for each child.

URJ Camp Kalsman

URJ Camp Kalsman is the Union for Reform Judaism’s camp right here in Washington! Located in Arlington, WA. Camp Kalsman offers overnight programs for children grades 2-11. Camp Kalsman’s 300 beautiful acres offer a great balance of education and recreation. Campers learn new skills and hone existing ones in athletic, aquatic, artistic, and nature programs. Camp Kalsman practices active Jewish education, which incorporates Judaism into many different activities. A summer at Kalsman is an unforgettable religious, cultural, recreational, and emotional experience; it is the place for a summer of fun, friendships of a lifetime, and an unparalleled Jewish experience. Camp Kalsman is the premiere Jewish camp in the Pacific Northwest. We can’t wait to welcome you home this summer!

Visit http://kalsman.urjcamps.org/ for more information on sessions and programs.


URJ Six Points Sports: Greensboro, NC and Los Angeles. CA

6 Points Sports – North Carolina offers intensive high quality sports instruction while providing individualized attention to each athlete. In fact, we’ve got a line-up of passionate sports camp coaches and counselors to help. Our programs are open to athletes entering grades 4 through 11.

Athletes take their game to a whole new level! Our unique approach to Jewish education promotes Jewish identity building throughout the course of each day. Our campers not only improve their athletic abilities, they build self-confidence, strong connections to their peers and grow into proud Jewish athletes.

At 6 Points we:

  • Develop athletic skills through intensive training with top-level coaches in state-of-the art facilities.
  • Embrace Judaism through our seamlessly integrated Jewish Values education program.
  • Foster connections by providing a safe, comfortable environment in which to have fun.
  • Build self-confidence by setting goals, challenging, encouraging each other and celebrating our successes.
  • Create the next generation of proud Jewish Athletes!