Adult Education Winter-Spring 2017

For any questions about TBT’s Adult Education and Cultural Arts program, to volunteer or to provide suggestions for programs, contact Jayne Carlin at [email protected] or any of the committee members listed below.

Kickstart the New Year by Creating Your Own Jewish Journey

TBT promotes varied pathways to grow through Reform Jewish values and practices. Customize your pathway to learn and grow Jewishly.  During the next year, TBT will offer numerous study, spirituality and social action opportunities. You select what is meaningful to you and develop your own path. Study something you've always wanted to know more about - culture history, language, literature, anything! Add to your life spiritually - learn a prayer, attend Shabbat and holiday services or incorporate a ritual into your life. Select some way of giving back to the world.  We provide ideas and you select your path. We celebrate in the spring. Contact Jayne at [email protected] or Debra Siroka at [email protected] or jump over to our information page on the Jewish Journey for additional information and to be added to the email group to periodically let you know of study, spirituality and social action opportunities.

Jewish Cultural Events

Interested in Jewish cultural events or exploring Jewish Seattle? Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities in the D'varim and on this page. If you are interested in more details or would like to suggest cultural events, please contact the cultural arts team at [email protected].

Torah Study

Every Saturday, 9 AM
Cost: Free

Our clergy-led Torah Study is currently exploring the Prophets (Navi'im) and beyond!

Our lay-led Torah Study focuses on the portion of the Torah for that week.

Hebrew for Adults

(visit our Learn Hebrew page for more details)
Most Sundays, Beginning October 16
Register now! Email [email protected]
Beginning October 16, TBT will offer unique courses in Hebrew taught by Rona Frank. In these classes you will not only learn the language, but also its history and the difficulties it has endured alongside the Jewish people. Classes will be held on Sundays with Beginning Hebrew at 9:40-10:45 AM and Immediate Hebrew at 10:55 AM-12:15 PM. The cost covers classes for the year (October-April). Beginning Hebrew is $100 for members and Intermediate Hebrew is $75 for members. Visit our
Learn Hebrew page for more details or for non-member rates.

Jewish History Chavurah

Select Evenings, 7 PM
Cost: Free
This self-organized study group meets monthly and focuses on historical and cultural aspects of the Jewish journey. Together we will examine and discuss education, economics, government, the role of women, religious beliefs, rituals and culture throughout key historical events. Contact: Jeannie Moskowitz at [email protected] for dates and other information.

Jewish Ethics

Dates: Sundays, 10-11 AM: February 19, 26, March 5, 19, April 16, 23
Cost: Free for members, $18 for non-members
Instructor: Rabbi David Lipper 
The diverse literature of Jewish ethics primarily aims to answer a broad range of moral questions about how we should live and how we should treat others. Each of the six sessions will explore different ethical topics:

Session 1: For God or our Neighbors
What is the source of Jewish ethics?
How is Jewish ethics different from other ethical systems?
Session 2: Pirkei Avot- Fundamentals of Jewish Ethics
What is Pirkei Avot?
What is the Chain of Tradition and what is the Proper Path?
Session 3: Before There was a Before
Exploring the Creation of the World
The World was Created with Ten Words
Session 4: Ethics in Business and Finance
How Could a Jew do such a thing?
What can we say to a Bernard Madoff?
Session 5: Ethics and Priorities in Tzedakah
Will My Name Be On It?
How do we come out on Maimonides' famous ladder?
Session 6: Living a Sacred Life
Being a good host, visiting the sick and comforting the bereaved. Care for animals; matters of life and death; justice and tolerance.

The Joy of Hallelujah: A Musical Journey

Date: Saturday, March 4 from 4:30-6:30 PM

Cost: Free for members, $10 for non-members

Instructor:  Cantor David Serkin-Poole

Share hors d’oeuvres as  Cantor David Serkin-Poole leads us in a musical journey of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. He'll share his favorites and versions from well-known artists such as Debbie Friedman and others.  We will close with Havdalah.

Holocaust Revelations of an Ancestry Search 

Date: Saturday, April 22 from 4:30-6:30 PM

Cost: Free for members, $10 for non-members

Speaker:  Dr. Michael Cahn

Share hors d’oeuvres and conversation, then settle in for an amazing true story that unfolds like fiction. The journey begins with a quick web search, and ends on a museum stage in the small town of Wittlich, Germany. Hidden documents, a lost fortune, long forgotten relatives and a magnificent German memorial are all part of Michael’s fascinating tale. 


Seattle Jewish Theater Production of The Dybbuk Comes to TBT

Date: Saturday, May 6 at 3 PM

Cost: Free

The Dybbuk, written in 1914 by S. Ansky, is a classic of Yiddish drama. The play tells a story of love caught between two worlds and a Jewish community dealing with mysterious, other-worldly forces.