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Nance Ruiz



Bellevue native Nance Ruiz loves the Temple’s Bellevue location, just five minutes from her home. She enjoys working with numbers and people and has been with TBT since 1996. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends, loves cruises and traveling, especially to warm climates. She’s the one to call when you can’t quite figure out your Temple statement or you need to have adjustments made. Nance is definitely a people person!

Jessica Paige

Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Jessica studied Environmental Economics at Western Washington University and spent most of her career in environmental outreach before joining the staff at Temple B’nai Torah. Although she now lives with her husband and two dogs in Kirkland, she grew up just a mile from the Temple. She’s also a writer and herbalist, and loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s in the garden, hiking in the mountains, or walking her dogs in the woods near her home.

Nestor Quijada

Facility Manager


Nestor Quijada is our Facility Manager and an indispensable member of our Temple team. He knows where everything is and how to make all of the equipment work the way it is supposed to. Anytime you need a special set-up for a Bar Mitzvah, wedding, dinner, or meeting, Nestor is the man who makes it happen. His skills, dedication, and good humor help to make Temple B’nai Torah the welcoming and comfortable community we are. Nestor is a native of El Salvador. He is married and has a daughter.

Larisa Babak

Executive Assistant


Born in Ukraine, Larisa grew up in America with a sense of straddling two worlds—balancing her legacy of the former Soviet Union with that of growing up in the West. From this world-view sprang a deep curiosity and love of learning about people from all walks of life and backgrounds. In her perusals of the different historical backgrounds and religions of people all over the world, Larisa was especially drawn to the history of Israel and the role they have played throughout the ages. Naturally, she gravitated toward a position on the team of staff at Temple B’nai Torah. You can usually find Larisa doing any number of things that she loves most—entirely engrossed in a fascinating new book, lifting heavy weights at the gym, hiking trails around the beautiful PNW, or if you can’t find her at all, it’s because she’s off traveling to another country on her bucket list.