15727 NE 4th Street • Bellevue, WA 98008 • (425) 603-9677

Rosen-Ritt Library

Located on the first floor, The Rosen-Ritt Library is packed full of the latest periodicals, novels, reference books, and more.

How to Use the Library:
How do you find a book in the library?
Look through the Collection Catalogs binder on the small shelf between the doors. You will find listings of books by Title, Author, and Subject, and a printout of the Significant Jewish Books recommended by UAHC. Using a printed catalog may seem retro in this online age, but it does provide you with the browsability of a card catalog – something that is lost with online catalogs such as those at the public libraries.

Once you find your book, note its call number and locate it on the shelves. The numbering system starts on the north wall of the library with biographies, and continues around to the right, past the Torah Study reference books, to the south wall. Our CD collection is also on this wall.
Check out your book by writing its name, and yours, in the Check-out Binder next to the Collection Catalogs. Help yourself to a bookmark, and enjoy your book!
Our catalog continues to grow!
The Temple B’nai Torah Library adds new and interesting books as they become available—and as we hear of them. If there are particular books you’d like to see our library purchase, please let us know. If you have a question, you can leave a note in the Temple office.